The end is in sight (well, nearly…) – Atlantic Row update

Dan Howie of ESH and his friend Will North are into the final week of their epic row across the Atlantic Ocean. Having already rowed over 2,500nm, Dan and Will are leading their class, the pairs, and have an estimated finish time of 22:03 on 27th Jan.

Parts of the journey have been challenging, including capsizing twice, fixing broken equipment, suffering painful sores on hands and other body parts, being bombarded by flying fish and jumping into the ocean to clean barnacles off the bottom of the boat – all the while keeping a keen eye out for sharks nearby!  Despite all this, the boys are continuing to slog on at an average speed of 2.4 knots and even found time to call the ESH team back in the office for a pep talk.

In the meantime, ESH are continuing to avidly follow their progress at and and have started an arrival sweepstake, the proceeds of which will be donated to the boys’ charities (donations can be made at

Next stop:  Antigua!